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Scouting Report: Sal LaRubbio

When you stand 5-foot-11, 190-pounds and an older brother is a 6-foot-5, 300-pound offensive lineman for the Miami RedHawks, some may not know you’re related.  But that is the case for Lakota East defender Sal LaRubbio.

PROSPECT: Sal LaRubbio
POSITION HS: Safety  /Linebacker / PROJECTS: Safety / Linebacker
HOMETOWN: Hamilton Township
HIGH SCHOOL: Lakota East High School
HT: 5-11 / WT: 191 lbs.

Being a younger sibling to a much bigger one looks to be paying dividends for LaRubbio as he shows no fear on the field against players the same size of his big brother Jarrett.

This season, LaRubbio can be seen lining up as an outside wide edge rusher, defensive end, linebacker and safety.  At each all LaRubbio does is make plays by putting pressure on quarterbacks or freeing from a bigger offensive lineman to make a stop on a running back.

During the summer camp season, LaRubbio fought off a hamstring issue that started in late spring but was still able to run extremely well.

No one can question his toughness as he’ll mix it up with anyone to make a play.  For this reason, LaRubbio could be used a couple of different ways depending upon the level he plays at next.

With his speed and toughness, there is no reason someone may look to play LaRubbio at strong safety as he’s fully capable of playing close to the line of scrimmage and support in stopping the run.  He’s have advantages in covering H-backs or fullbacks using his athletic ability.

Some may also look to bring him up on the outside as a linebacker using his toughness and ability to take on bigger players.

What we like about LaRubbio is how he plays under control no matter where he’s lined up.  He’s always going downhill and plays with great drive and determination.  High effort guy willing to put everything on the line to make a play.

LaRubbio has the ability to play at the Division II or NAIA level.  However, if given the chance, would not be surprised he could grow into a player at the FCS level as well.


Pros: Tough, hardnosed, playmaker, high effort guy

Cons: Size

Check out the clips below from this season.

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