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Scouting Report: Mason Bernhardt

Dave Berk Scouting Report

Three sport standout Mason Bernhardt is an undervalued prospect in the Class of 2018.  We watched the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy two-way player recently and came away impressed with his play on both sides of the ball.

PROSPECT: Mason Bernhardt
POSITION HS: Tight End / Defensive End – PROJECTS: Tight End / Defensive End
HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, Ohio
HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
HT: 6-5 / WT: 218 lbs.

Someone is going to get a steal when they sign CHCA senior Mason Bernhardt.  A three-sport standout (Football, Basketball, Baseball), Bernhardt has yet to focus on a single sport and that has cost him slightly when it comes to his recruitment in football.  The sport he’s decided to play at the college level.

While college coaches often are quoted saying they love kids who play multiple sports, those who are busy in the summer during the camp season playing elite baseball or AAU basketball, sometime miss out on being in position to camp and show off their talents.  Bernhardt is one of those kids as this past summer saw a groin injury along with travels for baseball, that included playing in Hawaii, keep the 6-foot-5, 218-pound prospect limited in the number of camps he attended.

The biggest question facing the recruitment of Bernhardt could be where college coaches want to play him.

Despite Bernhardt attending a limited number of camps, he holds offers from Eastern Kentucky, Youngstown State, Wofford, Butler and Valparaiso as a tight end.  However, his play on defense could allow others to project him on that side of the ball.

In the game we caught, Bernhardt only left the field for about four plays.  While it’s not a special feat to play both ways, when you look at the fact Bernhardt runs many of his route assignments deep, you can see he’s in great physical shape.  Add in the fact he also goes hard selling he’s the target when the ball is going to the opposite side of the field and you can see how this has played against him gaining weight to his frame.  Something those at the college level will not see in a highlight film.

So far this season, Bernhardt has posted 14 catches for 268-yards with five touchdowns in three game.  On defense, he’s posted eight tackles for loss, four sacks, two fumble recoveries and four pass deflections to go with 21 tackles.

We’ll look at Bernhardt at both positions…


Mason Bernhardt Gets Open

Long framed (6-foot-5) with long arms and a long stride, Bernhardt has room to add bulk to his frame without losing athletic ability.  He should have no problem adding more weight in the coming years, especially when he steps away from his two other sports and works fulltime in a college strength program.

With better than average speed, Bernhardt can stretch the field and shows great hand-eye coordination catching the ball with his hands and not his body.  In the game we watched, the opposing defense often looked to keep him from being a main target by double teaming him.  Yet, he still made plays when targeted.  You can see the basketball background (also holds college offers) in watching how he controls his body, uses his feet and with his eye hand coordination.

He’s tough enough and not afraid to block at the line of scrimmage but will need to continue to add bulk and strength to his frame to play at the next level.  He shows soft hands and can go up and catch the ball at its highest point and while being hit.


Mason Bernhardt pressures quarterback

Because of his length, Bernhardt could also see some looking to move his over to defensive end building up his physical bulk to take advantage of his long arms in chasing down running backs and quarterbacks.  He covers ground quickly in the box with the ability to get his shoulders past the shoulders of offensive tackles making him a solid pass rusher.  At the next level, more work would be needed to get on the field as teams would look at add 25-35-pounds to his frame along with adding strength.  Would also need to work more on hand-to-hand combat drills to strength the use of his hands, but the tools are there if someone is looking to make a project out of him on defense.


There is a lot to like about Bernhardt as a prospect with his frame, long arms and athletic ability.  Some will question the level of competition; however, Bernhardt has played multiple sports at a high level and if he was only a football player during his high school career, we would be talking about a kid being more heavily recruited.  Lack of camps have played a role in his recruitment but his performance at Eastern Kentucky this summer showed when healthy, he has the tools to put everything together.

Pros: Frame, long arms, athletic ability, soft hands, eye-hand coordination.

Cons: Needs to add weight and strength, level of competition.

Check out the clips below from this season.

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