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Luke Fickell Talks Jim Harbaugh Recruiting Tactics

James Joseph Harbaugh… better known as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, has been described as a lot of things over the years.  However, everyone must agree, he’s pushed the envelope when it comes to recruiting the top prospects across the country to the University of Michigan.

Considered one of the most intense coaches in all sports, Harbaugh has gone to extremes to push the Michigan brand to the masses while on the road recruiting with several crazy stories or stunts if you want to call them that.

Be it working a summer camp without a shirt, doing a sleepover at one of the top kickers in the country house or climbing a tree, Harbaugh has used some unique tactics on the recruiting trail.

Cincinnati Bearcats head coach was asked about some of the stories and if he had any such stories of his own.

Founder of Bearcat Insider in Jan of 2005.

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